Rick’s Blog: 1st Roseanne Trailer is out!

I’m a huge fan of nostalgia! The last couple of years has seen many amazing TV show’s I grew up with come back!

The 1st Trailer just came out today: 

The show’s creator is from my hometown, and still has a ton of influence in the show til this day. 

The house in Roseanne is a iconic place in my hometown of Evansville, Indiana, the reboot is back, and it will be used again! 

(Photo Credit: atlasobscrura.com)

If you want a piece of history, the house is for sale at the moment too!

Listing with pictures: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/roseanne-house

The full original cast is back, 03/27/18 on ABC Network! 



Worthington BLOG: Closing in on Football season 2018

Worthington BLOG: Closing in on Football season 2018

Closing in on Football season 2018 Amazing returning players. Terrific facilities. Epic recruiting. Put all those things together and you get HIGH EXPECTATIONS! That is exactly what Boise State will be shouldered with as they move into the Pre-season phase of this season, which kicked off today (7/24/18) at the 2018 Mountain West Football Preseason…