Spokesman Says Canyon County Not Providing Translators at Polls

Caldwell (670 KBOI News) – Canyon County is not providing Spanish language translators at precincts in today’s school bond and levy elections.

Spokesman Joe Decker says despite some reports, they have qualified translators only at three or four precincts, but those poll workers are not there primarily as translators.

He says anyone who speaks only limited English is encouraged to bring someone to translate for them.

“They would need to bring their own translator with them,” said Decker.  “Most people who don’t speak English well have, in the past, generally have brought either a kid or family member who can translate.  Also, if they need translation service, they can talk to a poll worker, and the poll worker can get in touch with our Elections Office, because we have a language line.”

He says they tell their poll workers who may speak a little Spanish not to translate for a non-English speaking voters, because the instructions could be mistaken.