Plane Crashes at Caldwell Airport, Pilot Unhurt

photo: Rob Oates

Caldwell (670 KBOI News) – When your day starts with a plane crash, you can only hope things don’t get any worse.

That’s what happened this morning, as Caldwell Airport manager Rob Oates was getting ready for work…he got a call saying a plane had crashed.

The pilot appears to be uninjured, thanks to a four-point harness. But Oates says while he was practicing take offs and landings, the engine of his plane just cut out.

“As he was working to continue his landing process, what he discovered was that he didn’t have enough altitude or airspeed,” said Oates.  “So his two main wheels hit our perimeter chain-link fence, and that fence essentially caught the aircraft, the it flipped straight over the nose, onto its back.”

The runway was not damaged, but the fence will need to be repaired, and Oates says the plane…apparently an older Stinson…is probably a total loss.

The FAA and NTSB are investigating.

— Jay Howell, 670 KBOI News


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