Random Jam: Keith Urban Once Joined Jimmy Buffett Onstage in the Caribbean for an Impromptu Performance

Random Jam: Keith Urban Once Joined Jimmy Buffett Onstage in the Caribbean for an Impromptu Performance

When the stars align . . . sometimes the music stars align.

Keith Urban shared just such an instance during a recent sit-down with Kix Brooks of American Country Countdown.

As Kix was reminiscing about his fun-loving days on the road as part of Hall of Fame duo Brooks & Dunn, he jokingly noted that he and Ronnie Dunn “screwed up a lot of great house bands out at the clubs” by randomly popping onstage. When Kix inquired if Keith ever found himself in a similar situation while traveling with wife Nicole Kidman, Keith shared a random run-in he had with Jimmy Buffett on the Caribbean island of St. Barts that led to an onstage jam.

“The last time I think I sat in was a few years ago we were down . . . at St. Barts,” says Keith. “And Jimmy Buffett was there, and I ended up sitting in with him for a couple of songs [laughing], as you do. There was a little club that he was going to—it’s a bit of a long story—but he and his wife had their boat there, and they were just on the island for a couple of days, and we ran into them somehow ’cause we were just visiting. And, he was like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna go see this band play. You wanna come with us?’ So, we went with them and then, they called Jimmy up to do a song. So, he got up and did a couple of songs, and the next minute, he gets me up to do a few songs. It was cool.”

Keith Urban and Jimmy Buffett sharing the stage for an impromptu performance on the beautiful island of St. Barts? Yeah, Keith, that’s definitely cool.

photo by TCD


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