Brian Kelley’s Sunshine State Of A Mind – Available Now

Brian Kelley’s Sunshine State Of A Mind – Available Now

Brian Kelley is no stranger to country music fans – for years now he’s been a part of the wildly successful duo Florida Georgia Line.

But now, Brian is releasing his own album, Sunshine State Of Mind – Season One, which arrives is available now!

The collection of music includes 17 tracks!

Brian shares that he was on a creative roll and had even more songs ready to go, but he had to cap the album at some point, “I had to cut it off at some point, there’s probably 4, 5, 6 more songs that probably truly live on that project…maybe I’ll do a deluxe or something and add’em, but 17 felt like a good stopping point and felt like a great collection.”

One of the tracks on the album also shares a nickname that he’s adopted over the years – “Beach Cowboy.” Brian says that it’s not just a song…or a nickname…but it’s a way of thinking…“’Beach Cowboy’ is one of my favorite songs on the album. It’s a state of mind…it’s a way of life. Whether you’re at the beach or not, you can take a little sunshine with ya wherever you go.”


  1. “Boat Names” (Brian Kelley, Parker WellingCasey Brown)
  2. “Made By The Water” (Brian Kelley, Corey CrowderRandy Montana)
  3. “Sunburnt” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Blake Redferrin)
  4. “Highway On The Water” (Brian Kelley, Blake Redferrin, Jake Rose)
  5. “Real Good Day” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Chase McGill)
  6. “Party On The Beach” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Blake Redferrin, Canaan Smith)
  7. “Don’t Take Much” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Canaan Smith)
  8. “Fish All Day” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Blake Redferrin, Canaan Smith)
  9. “Boat Ride” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Canaan Smith)
  10. “Beach Cowboy” (Brian Kelley, Blake Redferrin, Jake Rose) *
  11. “By Boat” (Brian Kelley, Jimmy RobbinsNicolle Galyon)
  12. “Songs For You” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Blake Redferrin)
  13. “Say The Word” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Chris Loocke, Blake Redferrin, Joe Clemmons) +
  14. “Horses On The Beach” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Blake Redferrin, Jake Rose)
  15. “Savannah” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Blake Redferrin, Canaan Smith)
  16. “Sunday Service In The Sand” (Brian Kelley, Blake Redferrin, Canaan Smith, Jake Rose)
  17. “Florida Boy Forever” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Blake Redferrin, Canaan Smith, Jake Rose)

All Songs Produced by Corey Crowder and Brian Kelley* Co-Produced by Jake Rose+ Co-Produced by Chris Loocke

Brian Kelley’s Sunshine State Of Mind – Season One, is available now – from the album check out the video for “Beach Cowboy”

Headline Photo Credit: Ben Christensen

Additional Photo Courtesy of Brian Kelley


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