Johnny Dailey Debuts New Song – “Driving Things Around”

Johnny Dailey Debuts New Song – “Driving Things Around”

Johnny Dailey‘s new song “Driving Things Around” probably wouldn’t have been possible without driving around in his cousin’s truck.


Johnny shares that it was there, in that truck, that he discovered a love for country music. “I was always drawn to country music because of the story telling.”

It wasn’t long after that discovery that he started to make his own music, “My dad gave me my first guitar when I was 12 years old and I started playing in church and then eventually started writing songs in high school.”

Johnny says, “I’ve always had a desire to tell my story through song and have it connect with people in some way. Songs have always been a source of comfort for me and I’ve always wanted to sing songs that provide that comfort for other people. It’s a good feeling when you know someone else has been in your shoes.”

That thought echoes today in all of his music, especially with his song “Driving Things Around” – “I hope when people listen to my music they can hear a little bit of their story in it too.”

When it comes to his new song, Johnny says “‘Driving Things Around’ is an anthem for the simple life. To me, it perfectly depicts that small town way of living that I grew up in and that I’m always trying to be around as much as I can. Whether it’s loading up the back with wood for a new project, driving through a pasture, or drinking a beer on the tailgate, it’s hard to live my life without a truck around.”

Check out this special early preview of Johnny Dailey’s new song “Driving Things Around” – available everywhere tomorrow July 30th!

Photo Credit: Kristen Balani


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