Jenna Rae


These are a few of my favorite things: my two rescue dogs, food and a good glass of cheap wine. I’d say I live my life by the three Ps—pizza, puppies and Pinot Grigio because I’m not classy enough for red wine.

I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN and moved south to Indianapolis to go to college. At UIndy, I discovered my love of radio and I’ve been lucky enough to be on air in Fort Wayne, Portland and Sacramento.

When I am not pumpin’ out the country music jams, I like to do some indoor rock climbing (I am terrible at it), bowl in a league with my husband (also terrible at it), volunteer at a local animal shelter, eat all the food, snuggle with my pups and watch SNL or SVU, or hit up a concert.

I also enjoy traveling, trying to predict the end of movies and television shows, listening to all of the podcasts, and baking cupcakes. Plus, I won the spelling bee in third grade.