Ada County Sheriff’s Office Warns of More Scam Calls


You have probably heard this before, but authorities are trying to pound this home today…

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office will never call and threaten to arrest you because you missed jury duty — or have a federal arrest warrant — or have an outstanding civil judgment — or owe the IRS money —or anything like that.

Deputies will also never ask you to place funds for payment on a pre-paid credit card to “cancel the arrest warrant” for missing that phony jury duty, or having a phony federal arrest warrant, or some other made-up charge.

Scammers will do that. In fact, they are doing it to Ada County citizens right now.

Anyone who calls you and asks for your money to prevent an arrest is most likely a scammer.

If you have received one of these scam phone calls, contact the Ada County Sheriff’s Office or the Better Business Bureau.