Worthington BLOG: Being the Little Brother

When I was a kid, I often was invited to the movies with my older brothers. NOT ALWAYS, but on occasion, either my Mom bribed them or forced them to take little Ricky to the movies.

It should not come as a surprise that my older brothers would take one of those opportunities to scare the Holy-S#!t out of me. In the summer of 1979, my brothers took me to Sunrise Mall in Roseville, CA for a re-showing of Jaws. I was 5 years-old.

Not cool. NOT COOL! I mean, a five year old. (even the trailer says – this movie is not cool for 5 year olds) Click below:

From that day on, every single time I went in the water, I was scared.

My brothers messed me up. I still hold a grudge.


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