Sign Here: Tattooing Jennifer Nettles’ Handwriting on Your Body Is Fine With Her

Country stars are constantly bombarded with all kinds of interesting requests from fans, and Jennifer Nettles is no exception. The Georgia native often gets asked to sign her name or write out lyrics to her songs on her fans’ bodies.

“I find the most intriguing of requests to be when people want me to sign or write something in my handwriting that they then get tattooed,” Jennifer said.

Although the “Unlove You” singer admits her handwriting is horrible, she doesn’t mind the requests and even takes them as compliments.

“That for me, I love the art of tattoo and it is such an intimate and personal art form. And the fact that people, you know, connect with my lyrics and then want them to be in my own handwriting, that’s something for me that feels pretty special and pretty unique.”

Jennifer sports a few tattoos of her own, including the word “Believe” on her wrist, a heart with wings on the inside of her right bicep and a flower on her hip.

“People tattoo for different reasons,” she told the Colorado Springs Gazette. “I use a tattoo as a marker of time to be reminded of a time in my life. It is something special and personal. There’s a lyric in my song ‘Take Me as I Am’—‘We all live with the scars we choose.’ Some scars are given to us and some we choose.”

We can’t wait to see what Jennifer chooses next.

Photo by ©Chase Rollins/AFF-USA.COM


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