Worthington BLOG: From Patriot to Punchline

From Patriot to Punchline

By Rick Worthington

Have you ever tried to do something good, but went about doing it the wrong way? I think, that is what we saw from Ammon Bundy during the Special Session in Idaho. I fear those actions have tainted the man’s reputation as a freedom fighter to what now might be looked at by some as political pawn and clown show.

Following two arrests in two days at the Idaho Statehouse, I’ve spent some time thinking about the reasons for Bundy’s arrest and why he forced the hand of ISP in making those arrests. For the record – Bundy did force ISP to arrest him, because he refused to follow simple instructions. He could have followed those instructions, moved less than 20 feet, and avoided arrest altogether. He chose poorly.

On one hand, here is a man who is allegedly “taking a stand” for our freedom against Tyranny. I say allegedly because many claim Bundy is a paid stooge of a certain unpopular lobbyist group, and others were simply pulling the man’s strings. I don’t know if that is true or not, so “allegedly” seems appropriate.

However, when you refuse police orders and are dragged out of the statehouse like a petulant child, I can’t take you seriously anymore.

As a journalist who is always looking for the other side of the story, I’ve reached out to Mr. Bundy (thru facebook) to discuss the issue, but have not heard back from him. I’ll offer this open invitation for him to take me up on that discussion. I remain open minded, and look forward to his story. I can be found at the following email: rick.worthington@cumulus.com