Pickles Butte Sanitary Landfill hosting a household waste disposal event in Nampa

On Saturday, March 18 from 10 am to 6 pm, Pickles Butte Sanitary Landfill will host a free household hazardous and electronic waste disposal event in the northwest parking lot of the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa.

Common hazardous household and electronic waste that is acceptable include:

Cleaning products such as oven, drains, wood, metal, toilet, bath, shower cleaners, bleach, and pool chemicals.

Indoor pesticides like ants and cockroach spray and baits, flea repellents and shampoos, bug spray, mouse/ rat poison and baits, and house plant insecticides.

Automotive Products like motor oil, fuel additives, carburetor and injector cleaners, starter fluid, car batteries, transmission and brake fluid, and antifreeze.

Panting and workshop supplies such as furniture strippers, glues or adhesives, stains and finishes, paint thinner and turpentine, photographic chemicals, fixatives or other solvents.

Lawn and garden products like herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and wood preservatives.

Household batteries and fluorescent light bulbs.

Flammable products like propane tanks, kerosene, heating oil, diesel fuel, lighter fluid, and gas/ oil mix.

Electronic waste includes cell phones, computers, printers, iPods, and gaming devices.

Ammunition, explosives, or prescription drugs will not be accepted.

This is a free event for Canyon County residents. People are asked to limit waste to 20 items and or 25 gallons per household, place items in an easy-to-reach location such as the truck or truck bed, and remain in their vehicles.


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