Amendments proposed for one of Idaho’s abortion laws

Courtesy CBS 2 News

One of Idaho’s several anti-abortion laws could soon see new changes implemented in its language.

Idaho law allows abortions in cases of reported rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

The bill’s sponsor Rep. Megan Blanksma says Idaho’s supreme court ruling passed last December, in which the court sided with Idaho’s abortion legislation, prompted these changes. Blanksma says this will clear up the language and codify it.

“This is putting it specifically into code and there’s three in particular that are not to be classed as abortions,” Blanksma said.

Those new changes define what is not an abortion. They include the removal of a dead unborn child, the removal of an ectopic pregnancy, and the treatment of a woman who is no longer pregnant.

The amendment also changes the life-threatening clause, it states: “if a physician has reasonable judgment that an abortion was necessary to treat a physical condition of a woman that if left untreated would be life-threatening.”

“I think what this does is it clarifies that the woman’s life is also very important to us and that if it’s a life-threatening situation, then the physician has the ability to make a determination,” Blanksma said.

While the bill still punishes anyone who performs an abortion it would allow victims of rape or incest to be given a copy of their police report within 72 hours/ It would also remain a confidential part of their medical records.

Democratic Rep. John Gannon asked how this could help medical professionals avoid being charged in the fight against medical access.

“Is this going to alleviate some of their concerns and have you worked with the doctors to come up with solutions?” Gannon said during a House State Affairs Committee meeting.

Blanksma says this new legislation was crafted with the help of the Idaho medical association.

Representative Brooke Green questioned Blanksma on how far the changes go to preserve a woman’s overall health.

“I do just want to get clarification. While recognizing “Life-threatening,” Is there a provision that provides for the health of the woman?” Green said.

Blanksma responded by saying the bill is “as read.” Greene said she’ll wait for a full hearing on the bill to examine the new language more.

The bill would require a full hearing before it heads to the House floor for more debate.


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