Watch Scotty McCreery Get Personal in New “Five More Minutes” Video

Watch Scotty McCreery Get Personal in New “Five More Minutes” Video

Scotty McCreery released a new video for his current single, “Five More Minutes,” a deeply personal tune he co-wrote with Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell two weeks after the death of his grandfather in 2015. The new clip features Scotty singing the song against a dark backdrop, as home video footage of various experiences from Scotty’s life are interspersed, including singing in choir, playing baseball, vacationing, performing onstage and spending time with his family.

“I wrote this song in early 2015, and the day that I wrote it, I tweeted that I thought I just wrote my favorite song I’ve ever written, and that still holds true today,” says Scotty to Nash Country Daily. “It was just a couple weeks after I lost my Granddaddy Bill, so I was just talking to [co-writers Frank and Monty] about that and where I was in my head space. Anytime you lose somebody, everybody thinks about things you wish you could’ve said to them before they passed or something you wish you could do again. For me, it would’ve been golfing with him. Just chatting about that and Monty had the idea for ‘Five More Minutes,’ and we rolled with it.

“The verses were all real experiences. You’ve got to craft them in to how they work in a song, like the verse when he’s 16 years old and on the porch with Katie. I never had a girlfriend named Katie, but her name fit well in a song. I’ve been on the porch before with parents watching, the awkward moment. The sports lyrics, too, that verse about the football field, for me, it was baseball, but it was the same kind of deal. I remember like it was yesterday my last pitch that I threw, and I walked back to the mound and dusted off the mound with my cleat one last time and just looked around, took it in and walked back. It was kind of a tough moment. Everything in there is autobiographical. We just pieced it together to fit the song.”

Watch Scotty’s new video below.


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