Carly Pearce’s New Collection of Music, 29, is Available Now

Carly Pearce’s New Collection of Music, 29, is Available Now

It’s here — the day Carly Pearce compared to Christmas.

It’s the release day for her new collection of music – 29.


Carly says these 7 new songs are not just her story, but they are for anyone who is trying to get through difficult situations.

“They didn’t live this story but they’ve lived a form of it.  Because I think we all are struggling in some way to figure things out. And for me, I think that this has just pushed me to be maybe less Instagram perfect, if you will, and a little bit more ‘it’s okay to not be okay sometimes and it doesn’t mean that you’re going to never get back up or that you’re gonna die. It just means that you’re figuring it out and it’s okay.’”

This is a deeply personal project for Carly that tells a story of surviving, facing fears, and come out on the other side.

Not only did she have to go through the loss of her producer busbee, and her divorce, but she had to do it in a year that saw a global pandemic remove from her life the one constant she’s had – performing on stage.

“I will tell you this, I feel like I was tested in so many ways, musically and personally, throughout this time, all while stripping back the only thing I really knew which was the stage. So, it was kind of like a lot of things coming at once at me and I feel like because I overcame those things and am now standing stronger and happy and excited…that I can tackle anything fear-based that comes at me. I really do believe that. Cause I know I’ll be scared again.”


Carly was able to create the music she needed to get through the last year and half because she had no limitations on her creative spirit…

“I thankfully work with a label head that…in Scott Borchetta that…he completely understood that I needed to do this, and completely understood the creative process for me and understands what people and fans want from me and he just very much allowed me to go in find myself with Shane (McAnally) and Josh (Osborne) and create the music that I wanted to.”

Carly adds, “I think you’re getting the most authentic version of me because I no fences around me with this.”


Now fans can experience all 7 tracks.

Carly says fan reaction from the music that has already been available off of 29 has been incredible, “You would not believe my inbox! (laugh) I’m like ‘Oh, my goodness’, I mean, some of these stories, my mouth is like on the floor. I like ‘Oh my goodness.” It’s cool though to feel like you’re making a difference, and that it’s impactful, and I look forward to the messages…they’re intense though, y’all”



The project’s title holds a lot of meaning for Carly…

“29 is a pivotal year for everybody, I think. I think it’s kind of that point in your life where you have a lot of life experience and have been through things, but also, you’re still young and have wonder about the world. I think that everybody can put themselves in this song in some form or fashion of just life maybe not turning out the way you thought it was going to, and owning that and sitting in that a little and processing it and being honest with yourself.  This song for me, was me just owning a year that was difficult and embarrassing for me in some ways, just like we all have embarrassing moments in life, and trying to take it for what it is, just a moment that strength will come from and wisdom will come from and good will come from, and being happy with that.”

Carly shares, “I think when the album was finished, in so many ways, I was proud of myself for coming through just a really devastating loss with busbee and finding a new-found, deeper rooted country music that really was what I moved to Nashville to make. And I think that just in all forms with life and how it’s panned out, I think in the moments where I thought, ‘no you can’t,’ I left going, ‘yes you can’.”

Wednesday February 24th you can watch Carly Pearce 29 Live – a conversation about her new collection 29, followed by the Premiere of an intimate performance of the entire collection at 6:01 pm CT.


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