Brett Young’s Weekends Look A Little Different These Days is Available Now!

Brett Young’s Weekends Look A Little Different These Days is Available Now!

Brett Young‘s new collection of music is now available for fans to check out!

Weekends Look A Little Different These Days features 8 tracks, including Brett’s recent number-one hit “Lady” and his current single at country radio “Not Yet.”

When it comes to creating and selecting the songs that he’s going to release, Brett doesn’t worry about picking ones with the thought of them going to number-one on the charts, he has a more important plan when it comes to his music, “I think I don’t feel pressure to get number ones. I already can’t even believe this is happening, so that’s not really it. It’s pressure to figure out what about the music is working and why the fans are gravitating towards it. And I think, for me, it’s always seemed to be that if I’m honest and vulnerable in the music, more people are able to connect with me and with the music.”

Brett adds, “Writing this record…I had to stretch myself as a writer a little bit now that this chapter of my life is like a pretty solid foothold. Like this is my wife, and these are my children. And this is a stage that’s gonna last for a minute. Until the kids are grown and out of the house, I’m pretty much in this stage for a minute. So, the pressure to write another number one is not really the one that I feel. It’s just to continue to kind of pull back the curtain for the fans. And kinda putting myself out there in songs that aren’t necessarily about what I’m going through right at this minute was challenging, but also I think will keep us kind of running that same path.”

While his family is having a major impact on his creative process, Brett also realizes that focusing all of his music on his situation is a bit of a trap, because not all of his fans are in the same stage of life, “I think the bigger obstacle for me…I wasn’t alienating any fans that weren’t new parents or weren’t newly married. You know, you can’t just put out a nursery rhymes record because that’s the stage of life that you’re in. So, as affected as I was by this stage of my life while we were writing these songs, I was also really conscious of making sure there was something for everybody. So, there were a lot of those kind of obstacles that presented themselves in trying to make sure that we didn’t write eight songs about being a new parent and a new father. And so, it was interesting. It was, I think, the most challenging writing for a project has been to this point.“

Brett’s new collection of music includes…

1. “Weekends Look A Little Different These Days” (Brett Young, Ben CaverZach Crowell)
2. “Lady” (Brett Young, Ross CoppermanJon Nite)
3. “This” (Brett Young, Justin EbachAmy WadgeGeoffrey Warburton)
4. “Dear Me” (Brett Young, Justin Ebach, Ashley Gorley, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins)
5. “Leave Me Alone” (Brett Young, Jesse FrasureSteven Lee Olsen)
6. “Not Yet” (Brett Young, Kelly Archer, Justin Ebach)
7. “You Got Away With It” (Brett Young, Justin Ebach, Ashley Gorley, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins)
8. “You Didn’t” (Brett Young, Ashley Gorley, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins)

Along with the new music, Brett is also launching The Weekends tour with openers Maddie & Tae, Ryan Hurd, Filmore, and Matt Ferranti.

Brett says, “Announcing a headlining tour and preparing to release new music…truly feels like a dream and something I won’t ever take for granted. It’s emotional thinking about reuniting not only with my band and crew after so much time apart, but with the FANS! I can’t wait to make up for lost time and finally get to perform these new ones we’ve been working on.”

One of the new tracks that Brett Young will be bring to fans live and in person on tour starting in September is his new single “Not Yet” – which you can listen to here…



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