Chris Bandi Knows His Grandfather “Would Have Loved Her”

Chris Bandi Knows His Grandfather “Would Have Loved Her”

Did you know that “Would Have Loved Her” from Chris Bandi was inspired by his grandfather?

Chris is lucky to have had his grandfather in his life, but this Father’s Day weekend, he’s also very happy to have his father still around.

Chris is very thank for having the dad he does, “I know that I will never be able to say thank enough to either one of my parents for everything they have done for me. My dad was the kind of dad that never missed a game or practice! He was always pushing me to be the best that I could be in whatever I set my mind to. I think Father’s Day is just a great way show appreciation to the role models who helped us get to where we are today!”

With his schedule usually having him on the road, Chris appreciates anytime – but especially Father’s Days that he gets to spend with his own dad.

Like most fathers, all Chris Bandi’s dad ever wants as a present is just time with his son…but Chris recalls a year when he got just the right Father’s Day gift, “My dad was always the kind of guy that when you asked him what he wanted as a present he would always say ‘for you to be happy’ so that made getting presents pretty difficult but one year I got him a signed Ole Miss jersey by his favorite football player and had it framed.”

For every winner — Chris says there’s also a present that misses the mark…

“The worst present is probably the nest doorbell camera I got him that’s still sitting in the box!”

We hope Chris and his dad are having a great Father’s Day weekend this year.

Check out this special stripped down version of “Would Have Loved Her” from Chris Bandi…

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Additional Photos Courtesy of Chris Bandi


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