Lady A’s Dave Haywood Thinks All the Fireworks Were for His Birthday

Lady A’s Dave Haywood Thinks All the Fireworks Were for His Birthday

Happy birthday to Dave Haywood from Lady A!

While his birthday is July 5th, when he was younger he kinda thought all the 4th of July fireworks were a little pre-celebration for him.

Dave shares, “My mom used to tell me the fireworks were always for me, for my birthday, so I’ve always believed that that holiday was celebrating my birthday the next day.”’

Of course he knows the truth now, but America’s birthday has always been a special time for him, “It’s a special kind of week for us to get together as family and have the 4th together. And I love fireworks. We grew up in Georgia and I think fireworks were illegal most of our life. We would always buy them and sneak them in from South Carolina and shoot off sparklers and Roman candles and black cats and all the fun stuff you’d buy at the fireworks store. So, it’s a special holiday for a lot of reasons.”

Happy birthday Dave – perhaps some champagne is order to celebrate!

Photo Courtesy of Lady A


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