Carrie Underwood Shares the Pros and Cons of Recording Her Album, Denim & Rhinestones

Carrie Underwood Shares the Pros and Cons of Recording Her Album, Denim & Rhinestones

Carrie Underwood‘s Denim & Rhinestones arrived online and in stores on CD last month – but now fans have another way to listen to the music on Carrie’s latest project as it’s available now vinyl.

While this was Carrie’s 10th studio album (including her Greatest Hits: Decade #1 collection) – the record process for the country superstar was a first for her.

Carrie shares, “Making an album in the middle of the past couple years, it definitely had its challenges, like I was writing on ZOOM a couple of times with a few different writers. It was a little trickier to figure out little things like that, scheduling and logistics and everybody was dealing with something all the time.”

Underwood does admit there were some upsides to this new process too, “The fact that I was in one place a bit longer than usual. I feel like we definitely took advantage of that, and I was able to really focus in on making this album with fewer distractions than normal. I wasn’t leaving town constantly to go do things, and it was just nice to be able to have large chunks of time where I really got to focus on this album.”

Fans can listen to Carrie’s music digitally, on CD, or on vinyl – and now coming this Fall they can also hear it live and in person as the Denim & Rhinestones tour is kicking off.

Heading out this October with Jimmie Allen as a special guest, the Denim & Rhinestones tour will extend into 2023.

While Carrie had her residency dates, and played other events – there’s just something special about a tour that goes into people’s towns, “I do feel like after the past couple of years, people are ready to get out. I mean we see it in the festivals and the things like that I have been doing, the one off shows here and there and our Vegas residency, people are ready to reenter the world and get together and celebrate things, and music brings people  together like nothing else. So, I certainly feel like that. I’m ready to get out there and go on tour and stuff like that with this album and I feel like people are really ready for it too.”

Underwood adds, “It definitely made me just want to make music that is, for the most part, just positive and happy and fun, because I feel like that’s kind of a gap that we all have in our lives right now.”

Check out “Ghost Story” from Denim & Rhinestones from Carrie Underwood…

Photo Courtesy of Carrie Underwood


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